Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seven Peaks + Grove Market & Deli

We wanted to hit up Seven Peaks one last time before Summer is officially over. Honestly, I am a little over Seven Peaks, but my kids aren't. Shocker.
I didn't tell the kids that we were going until we woke up Monday morning. Which was initially a fabulous idea, until we couldn't find Savannah's swimsuit...and I almost scratched the whole plan. Good thing Paul helped find that darn swimsuit, and we were on our way. I was only slightly frazzled.
The water park was pretty dead, and we got to do a few things that the kids always avoid because it is too busy. We only stayed a little over an hour, but the kids were still happy with that. I didn't feel bad, because this was our second time in a week. It has been fun having the Pass of All Passes this Summer, and I have enjoyed watching our kids start to really love the water.

I made a list of different/fun places I wanted to take the kids for lunch while we were on our adventures for the week. Our lunch spot for this day was Grove Market and Deli. I use to go here all of the time, but haven't ever taken my kids. 
It is kind of an odd little place for lunch, and Savannah was skeptical at how good it was going to be. Of course, she loved it...mostly because it is the biggest sandwich she has ever eaten! It was an added bonus that I bought their brownies, because they were delicious! Who knew!
Bina slept through lunch, swimming always wears her out.
It ended up being a really good day, even though it didn't start off the best with the missing swimsuit...
Look at Devin's face, you can clearly tell this is a good sandwich. Right?


kendahl a. said...

I can't decide if Devin loves the sandwich or wants to cry. :) It does look delightful though! I love a good 'homemade' sandwich.

Cathy said...

You win Mother of the Year!

Emily said...

I'm with Cathy! :)