Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oh hi.

After our disaster, we were ready for our weekend to have fun. Except the weekend wasn't ready to give us a break. After our water heater was "fixed", we noticed we still had water everywhere. We made a few calls to the person who handled the install, and he made his way back to our basement to actually take care of the problem properly. 

Between errands we had to do to get ready for Savannah to go to Girl Scout camp, and dealing with water wasn't much fun. I did take the kids to Hobby Lobby so that we could buy some fun stuff for a new craft project.

Paul ended up working on Saturday night, and ended up getting a flat tire. Does someone want our good luck? I will give it to you, except I don't really want to...that would be rude.

Sunday we changed the tire, and decided Paul could take it to get it fixed first thing Monday. When we went to start the car on Monday morning, it wouldn't start. I mean, you would think I was joking, but I am not. I really did laugh when Paul called me outside, because at this point it is becoming pretty comical.
Anyways, we got Savannah off to Girl Scout camp on Monday, and after the car fiasco I think we all just wanted to rest and relax. Our house was surprisingly quiet, long naps were taken, and not much excitement during the days Savannah was away. We did manage to go out on the town every night to live it up a bit without Savannah. We needed to have something to brag about when she got back. LOL.
We tried a new restaurant, went to the batting cages, played at a couple of arcades, went shopping, let Devin stay up late, and overall enjoyed ourselves. Savannah had fun too, and is already talking about Girl Scout camp next year. 
thank you Jerilee for this cute photo of our girl.
I always learn a lot when I take the time to spend one-on-one time with our kids. Having Savannah gone for a few days was a good experience for all of us. Savannah helps me out a lot with little jobs around the house, and I missed having an extra set of hands. I also realized how much Devin loves and needs to be more independent with his imagination. He played for hours without a sound, and had so much fun. This usually doesn't happen when Savannah is around, she plays the bossy older Sister well.
naps with a snuggly 3 year old in the middle
I think I got my second wind to finish off the rest of Summer. We still have almost 2 weeks left, and I can't see it go to waste. I am planning one more big play group that Savannah will be included in. It will be at Tracy Aviary on the 20th. We will be there at 10:00 AM, and will play until the babies get cranky. Shoot me an email if you need more details or have questions...sellpartyof at gmail.


kendahl a. said...

I really hope something spectacular is in the near future for you. You deserve it, especially after these last couple of weeks.

Emily said...

I really think we need to invest in a TV in our bedroom. That photo looks heavenly.