Wednesday, August 21, 2013

fizzy explosion bags

So, a few weeks ago I had planned a fun science experiment with the kids, but Devin ruined it. I am sure I wrote about it, but it doesn't really matter now. I didn't have enough stuff to start the experiment over, and I just got around to doing it again this past weekend.

This is one of those things I have pinned on my "fun for the kids" board. I haven't done everything on that board, but I have made a large dent in it. If it isn't something I love, I delete the pin. So that board is almost fail proof. Anyway, the fizzy explosion bags are originally found here.
She gave the exact amounts of everything, and it worked great. So definitely follow her directions. My favorite idea that she had, and I would have never thought of is...
You wrap the baking soda in paper towels!! Then when you drop it in the liquid you actually have time to zip the bag, and drop it on the ground. Like a little homemade capsule. Genius.

We loved this, and the kids were sad that I only made 5 capsules. We could have done this for hours. Easy enough for Devin, and still fun for Savannah too! My type of activity.

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kendahl a. said...

My kid loves science. She would probably get a kick out of these. I may have to try!