Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a recap post out of laziness

Besides our play group on Tuesday, we had a couple of fun highlights this past week.
Paul's little brother, who we call Jackie, came home from his LDS mission. He didn't fly in until way past bedtime, which made for A LOT of "Is it time to go to the airport yet!?" questions. It took a great amount of patience to make it through that day. Devin isn't old enough to remember Jackie, but he sure was excited to see him...which was adorable. We left Bina home with Paul to sleep, because I don't appreciate that kind of torture. The kids decorated posters, and we bought party blowers to keep the kids entertained. Both kids crashed hard when we got home, and we sure are happy to have him back!
I was invited to be on a focus group for the Family Share website. The kids were even invited to come and play in their awesome break room. Savannah thought it was legit to be in the KSL Broadcast house, and the kids asked if they could go back the next day to play. It was lovely to have adult conversations, and have fun people to watch my kids.
Since Grandma Sell is here visiting we decided to take her on an adventure with us. We tried out the Springville Civic Center splash pad, which quickly took a top spot in our favorites! Too bad I was snapping all these fabulous pictures, and realized I didn't have my SD card in my camera. Sob. Nothing makes me more sad. When I ran to get my cell phone, and snap all the pictures again...the kids wouldn't play along anymore. The Springville Civic Center had shade, a long stream, a great splash pad area, and a play ground close by. All things that the kids think are wonderful.
Our adventure didn't stop there, we headed to Joe Bandito's in Springville for lunch. I had read a bunch of reviews online, and decided we needed to give a try...after all what is an adventure if we don't go to a new place to eat!? A few people had said to stay away from the chicken, and the chip and salsa were fabulous. It really was delicious, get the El Bandito lunch special. Don't get your hopes up for fast service, because that was lacking...
I don't have much planned for the last couple of weeks of Summer. It feels kind of good to just be hanging out at home, taking naps, and playing outside. I don't feel guilty either, because I have kept up this fun biznass for more than 2 months. Holla.
3rd grade, I think we are ready for ya.


kendahl said...

You are a rockstar, seriously. Your whole summer has been so awesome. Anytime you wanna come down to Springville for the splash pad and some Joe Bandido's, I'm down!

Cathy said...

I'd say your kids have had the best summer ever thanks to you!