Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer: Days 33 + 34

I planned a lot of bigger things this week, and most of it with friends. Paul had glanced at my calendar earlier this week, and joked about when his play date was going to be with us. Luckily I had Wednesday totally free, and told him we wanted a play date with Daddy!
I am glad that Paul wants to spend time with us, and will make adventure plans for us. We went to Trolley Square with the kids, and ate on the patio at Old Spaghetti Factory. It was perfect, because no one else wanted to sit on the patio in the heat...but us. We window shopped, and it was such a nice evening the 5 of us. 
This morning we planned a play date with the Geocaching Queen, Jennifer and her kids. Savannah has wanted to go geocaching since she helped place one with her Girl Scout troop. Since Jennifer knows so much, we enlisted her help to teach us. 
Devin fell in love in Jennifer, and didn't want to let go of her hand.
We left Sabrina home with Paul to nap, and went exploring. Jennifer taught us about travel bugs, all the different lingo, and most of all how much fun this stuff can be. 
I am not disclosing the location of this cache, but wanted to show you what one can look like. That little black thing w/the green lid is a cache. This one you don't trade anything at, just sign the log. It is called a LPC, I believe.
We went to 4 locations, and were successful at 3 of them. Jennifer came prepared with things to trade, and gave me some great ideas for things to bring to put in the bigger caches. I was so glad that we did this activity. We will definitely be doing this again.
I love that this is a simple activity that you can just add to your errands. There is a cache at Wheeler Farm, and at different parks. It could make going to play some where just that much more fun.

What is the name of your favorite cache? They took us to their favorite, which was called the Defibrillator. We will be going back to this one too with new friends.

 Such a fun couple of days. Tomorrow is our Drink/Treat stand. I have been doing little prep work all week, and we are hoping to have raging success!!


Emily said...

I have always wanted to go geocaching and was just thinking about this the other day. Take us next time!

kendahl said...

I've always been intrigued by geocaching, but this made me really want to do it! What types of surprises do you leave?