Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer: Days 21-25

This week I have kind of gone M.I.A. I stopped taking as many pictures, and what is a good blog post without adorable pictures. My point, exactly.
I am going to make this post short and sweet just so I can catch myself up. 
We went to Seven Peaks one day. I took Savannah to the park to watch the big fireworks without the babies for the 4th. We did this experiment {and it worked}.  I bought water balloons, which is always a crowd pleaser, I just wish the balloons would fill themselves. We met Emily for what we decided to call our "loser lunch" to make up for not winning at the Cupcake Wars play date
Aaaand just because it was such a big deal in the blogging world...we lost Google Reader this week. I am both overjoyed and slightly lost without it. I feel like I might miss some of my favorite bloggers posts, but I was also following a lot of blogs that I just didn't care for. So, I find myself wasting less time reading stuff that isn't a big deal, which is a bonus. I need to figure out the best solution to this problem without getting sucked in to it all again. You feel me!?
Happy weekend. 
Next week we are doing our Herriman Reservoir play date. If you would love to come, and you aren't a creeper {I am kidding, kind of} shoot me an email. I will fill you in, and you can meet up with all my favorite friends. 

My email sellpartyof {at} gmail

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kendahl said...

Going to quit my job so I can come to the play date... brb. :)

Bina's thighs in that adorable swimsuit are killing me. And Van is starting to look all sorts of grown up.