Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer: Day 29 & 30 too.

We had a play date planned to the splash pad yesterday. When we woke up it was overcast, and I wasn't sure that was going to happen. I decided to make "flubber" for the kids to play with in the morning, just in case I had to break the bad news later on.
I have never made "flubber", and it was definitely an adventure. My end result was really good, but just didn't have the same matte looking finish as the pictures I had seen. The kids didn't know how it was suppose to turn out, all was well. It made enough for the 2 of them to have plenty, and then some. We even have played with it today. With the school supplies being so cheap right now, I would definitely stock up on glue to make some other types of "flubber" in the Winter months. {Click here for the recipe + pictures!}
I had forgotten that it was 7/11 yesterday. Thankfully all of my friends don't forget, and start posting pictures to remind me to go and get my free slurpee. Bina even got her very own, which she didn't ever want to give up. 
We decided that rain or shine, we wanted to go and get wet. So, we headed to Highland. It ended up being the perfect overcast day, and the kids didn't even notice when it started to sprinkle. "Cafee" saved the day with her cool half-tent thingy, treats, and drinks. We laughed, got to know Jamie better {she is great, BTW.}, took silly pictures, and did I mention laugh?  I am so glad that we didn't let a little rain stand in our way of going.
Just so everyone knows that things are not always perfect around here, I will tell you about 30. It was mostly just sitting around, playing pretend, laughing at the cats, and watching movies. We danced in the rain this morning, and I cooked some bacon with our breakfast. Which is our kind of fancy. 

I wanted to do this little science project, and was just waiting for Sabrina to go down for her afternoon nap. We prepped everything, and in the time it took me to take Sabrina up the stairs, put her in the crib, and walk down the stairs...Devin had dumped all of our stuff on the ground. To say I was a little mad would be an understatement. Instead of getting to do something fun, we cleaned. 

So, there ya go...things aren't always smooth sailin'. Things happen that make me get mean. Good thing Paul came home, loaded us in the car, and went to find me a treat to help with my grumpiness.

Tomorrow is our family day of fun. We have gone over some ideas, and we may just end up going mini golfing. It has been awhile. We shall see.


Emily DeBry said...

I don't know how you do it you're such a fun mom! Great job those kids will have such fun memories

Cathy said...

You're awesome. I just don't even know what else to say.

Emily said...

That photo of Bina with her Slurpee is priceless!

kendahl said...

Ugh, your kids! They are too cute! Seriously. And, as for day 30, as long as you didn't sell your kids on the black market or lock them in a closet for three days, I think it was a successful day.