Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer: day 26 + weekend.

Our weekend was boring. I mean, I would love to say something happened that was exciting...but uh, I can't even remember what we did. It was that fun. :)

We have our big play date at the Herriman Reservoir tomorrow, which means I made the kids do errands and clean today. 
After the kids have visited a couple of lemonade stands in our neighborhood, they got in their heads we need to do one. Today we went to pick up the supplies for the signs. Maybe if I stretch this out over a week, I will be more excited about doing it. I also don't do lemonade, I take the easy way out with cans of soda and bottles of water.
As much as I want Savannah to love long hair so I can do it cute, she really hates it. I am pretty sure she has wanted her hair cut for 6 months. Paul gave her a gift card to go and get her hair cut the way she wanted. She was specific...short, a-line, and no bangs. Casey did exactly what she wanted, and Savannah loved it. She does look adorable, and I will love not having the tears every day when we brush it.
We got to visit with our Lynda, and I am happy that we have a new Instagram user because of it. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, next time for sure.

Excited to get some sun tomorrow, and hang out with our friends. I may also be avoiding the rest of my housework. :) Will I see you there? Email me if you need the details. 


Vanessa Brown said...

Savannah!! it looks so cute!

kendahl said...

Van looks really cute with short hair! I wish I could come today. It's a perfect morning to hang out at the reservoir. Your sign turned out super cute!

Jaymerz said...

She looks adorable, I love her cute short hair!! Hannah chopped her hair short and her Grandpa didn't like it and let me know, I told him it was her hair and she got to choose how it was cut within reason. It is hair, it grows back when they change their mind :).

Emily said...

Savannah looks at least 2 years older now! And how I love your chalkboard sign--so cute!