Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer: Day 20 + a getaway weekend

I would complain about the heat wave, but I think enough people have already taken care of that for me. When it is this hot, I really can't function well outside. So, we have had to get creative in our activities.
Friday {Day 20} I braved the movie with the kids by myself. It wasn't as bad as I pictured in my head. We went to Water Gardens in Pleasant Grove. Armed with lots of snacks, we made it through. By the time we went to lunch after and home, I was spent from the heat.


We decided to be spontaneous this weekend, which I love when Paul will play along. Our kids are use to taking "adventures" with Mom, but we usually plan when we are with Dad. 

We woke up, and decided we needed to get out of town. Paul found a few places online in Park City that we may want to stay, and we headed out with our bags packed for the night...with zero plans or reservations. 
When we drove to Main St it turned out we came on the perfect day! They were in the middle of the Park Silly Farmer's Market, and that pretty much sealed the deal of where we were going to stay. We wanted to be close to all the action, and we quickly snatched a room at the Treasure Mountain Inn. 
We loaded everything in the room, took a quick look around, and headed to the market. It turned in to a food eating tour, but that is right up our alley. We tried some strawberry lemonade, home made mango strawberry popsicles, went for pizza, caramel apples, buffalo wings, Coke, Coke, and more Coke. Then I had to try a rice krispy treat drizzled with chocolate/caramel, garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers. You get the idea, we ate a lot. lol.
It was still really hot, but turns out that it is at least 10 to 30 degrees cooler in Park City depending the on the time. Another bonus.
my favorite find for myself.
We shopped and shopped. Then we were pooped.
When the day was done we broke the rules, and let the kids get in the hot tub. I should have asked so that I knew that no one under 6 was allowed, but whatever...I let Devin anyway. 
The kids stayed up until after 10, which is unheard of. We watched a movie, and the kids played with the new stuff they got.
When we woke up, more eating and shopping happened. It was the perfect little getaway.

Day 21 of Summer we decided to recuperate from our weekend. It is always sad to see a good time come to an end. 

I have a few things planned this week, but most of them consist of staying inside or water.  


kendahl said...

I love the randomness of your Park City trip! Everyone needs a little more random in their life. And it sounds like it was perfect.

Vanessa Brown said...

That would be fun to just pack a bag and GO! We have never done that before.