Monday, July 15, 2013

our weekend + Summer: day 31

I really don't want to mention who had the stupid idea of going to Trafalga on Saturday {it was mine}. I realize it is free to go with the Pass of All Passes, so I really shouldn't complain. Seriously though, I am pretty sure they could afford to hire a few more employees, and update that place. Disneyland type lines for that run down join...dude, it was bad. I wouldn't mind even paying so that it could be even a slightly better experience. 
After it bombed, and I told Paul I was not waiting in another line for the kids to play Rollerball. We headed straight to Scheel's for the kids to play Rollerball there. No lines, cleaner atmosphere, and the kids always love to see the animals. We totally recovered from Trafalga, thank goodness.

Sunday is probably the hardest day of the week for us. It is a guarantee that Sabrina will be a poop stain at church, and about a month ago Devin decided he doesn't like his class anymore. We are just glad we survive.
these two are 2 months apart, and take note of Bina's awesome hair.  photo cred - Vanessa
We had fun plans this morning with the Brown girls. We decided to go play at the park first thing to beat the heat, and Vanessa brought donuts to eat breakfast there. I love that our kids can all play nicely together. It makes it nice for Vanessa and I, because we can sit back and chat while they all explore.
photo cred - Vanessa
This week we have so many fun things planned. I am really excited. Bridal Veil Falls, the non-lemonade stand, geocaching with our friends, and it is an Idaho weekend. Should be pretty action packed.

What do you have planned?


Emily said...

I plan to recover from my girls being at girls camp most of the week and an 8am temple sealing session Saturday morning.

Love those babies of yours and Vanessa's--so cute!

kendahl said...

Trafalga on the weekend is always a bad idea. Try a Tuesday or Thursday night.

Bina is so big compared to Vanessa's baby! (Reagan? Is that right?)

One day we need to get together again. Plan something around Lehi during the day and I'll come for an hour or two. Mkay? :)