Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our play group went to the "beach"

We planned for our play group to go the Herriman Reservoir yesterday. We had already been there without friends, but everything is always more fun with someone to play with.
It was nice that there was a slight breeze happening, because it definitely made all this heat bearable. The water was especially cold, so that was nice too.
I loved the group of ladies that came. It was fun getting to know some of my Facebook friends better, and our kids all got along so well. As I sat there having grown up conversations, the children were playing, and it made me realize why I do these is good for all of us. 


Jennifer burying all the kids in the sand.
Finally getting to do something with Jennifer and Shannon...because we always seem to just bump in to each other at the Library or grocery store!

Jerilee and I left at the same time, and decided to go to Cafe Rio last minute. We may have gotten a few disapproving {or we would like to think we still got it goin' on, and they were loving what they saw} looks while we walked in wearing swimsuits, including our 8 children. 
Thank you ladies for coming, and being such fantastic friends. I am already excited to start planning another play group. Got any fun suggestions? How many of my friends have the Pass of All Passes? Do we dare brave the water park with our kids? 

Can someone also remind me to take group photos?! Gah, I really wasn't good at taking pictures yesterday. Story of my life lately. :)


kendahl said...

I loooooove Van's hair like that. She looks really adorable.

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I soooo planned on going to this and am so bummed that I didn't. And I even forgot to text you that I wasn't going to make it.... :-/ Boo on me!!! One of my neighbors called me the night before and had a big bouncy house water slide party for all the neighborhood kids and my boys would have hated me if we didn't go. I need to redeem myself somehow. :-(

Matt Voges said...

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