Friday, July 19, 2013

Our {Non} Lemonade Stand.

When Savannah asked to have a lemonade stand, I knew I had to recruit someone to do it with us. I was not looking forward to it at first, but then Cathy said she would play along...and the planning started...and then my excitement escalated.
I started out wanting to get in on the chalkboard sign craze. It was one of our projects we did a couple of weeks ago. These were so easy, and made our stand look extra spiffy. Next time I think I might use a real board, instead of the heavy card stock. We live in a windy area, and we had to chase down our signs a couple of times. If I used board it would stay put, and I would be able to use it again. 
Lemonade always seems like so much work, call me lazy. I waited for Lynda to tell me when the deal was on for soda, and I scored my 12 packs. I realize this is not traditional, but it made it so Devin could even help customers. 

Cathy and I both chose a couple of things to bake. Lemon brownies and cupcakes from Cathy, and two kind of cookies from me. It was nice to have a little variety for our customers. 
my favorite is seeing Devin and Sabrina in the pack and play together!
Paul even contributed some toys from his vending supply in case people didn't want sweets. I wasn't sure how these would do, but it was cute on our we went with it.  We ended up almost emptying one whole vase, except 2 toys. Not bad success, if I do say so myself.
I am so thankful that people came to support our little people. We had people come from Utah County, and a friend I haven't seen since Savannah was a baby stopped by. These kids were busy little worker bees. Devin and Savannah had problems fighting over the cash register, but other than went smoothly. We had a system of Savannah taking money, Devin and Cate getting drinks. When we had down time, we ate cupcakes, of course!

After sitting for 4 hours, I called it quits. Savannah would have sat until every single water bottle was gone...I had dinner to eat, babies to get to bed, and such. Life sometimes gets in the way of having fun, ya know.
eating our profits...
I actually had so much fun, I can actually see doing it again this Summer. Am I crazy for saying that, maybe a little!? Definitely learned a little about what to do next time, and what not to do.

Plans for the weekend? I might just have to sit on the couch for a loooong while to recover from today.


Alyssa said...

looks like so much fun, and the chalkboard signs look SO good!!

Susan said...

I wish I had seen you post on Facebook a little earlier! We drove right past there on the way to my mom's house and it would have been so fun to stop! My kids have been asking to do this all summer, so maybe we will have to try the non lemonade lemonade stand too! Plus, do people really like lemonade?

Dan said...

It was great and you are pretty much the best mom ever. Thanks for bringing us along!

Cathy said...

Oops. The perils of sharing a computer. I'm pretty sure Dan thinks you're an awesome mom though. :o)

Nicole said...

I'm loving Devin's happy grin!

kendahl said...

Your signs were super cute. Actually, your whole stand was amazing, for real.

Emily said...

Seriously so awesome! You've inspired me to think about letting George & Livi do one. That was one thing they wanted to do before summer was over. ;)

Jaymerz said...

You are amazing, and the signs are adorable!!