Monday, July 29, 2013

friday {day 40 of Summer} + the best of our weekend.

Last week Savannah ended up working quite a few days with Paul. I think it was fun for her, because of my lack of planning last week. So Friday Kendahl invited us to the Wasatch Front Farmer's Market for lunch, and so Devin, Bina, and my self headed to meet her.
Devin bugged us the entire time about going to the Dinosaur Museum, and just when I was about to go...Paul called and said Savannah needed to be picked up from a location. It turned out okay, because by the time we got home Bina had a case of the blow-outs...and needed a bath in the worst of ways.
Savannah invited a friend over to have a water fight in the front yard, and everyone was content to play outside for the rest of the day.
Like I have said before I take weekends off from our Summer fun schedule, and Paul plans our Saturday and Sunday. It has worked out so well, and I love feeling like I don't have to think of anything...just go along for the ride.
We had a few errands, and then we headed to Este Pizzeria in Sugarhouse. We both decided it was a bit dramatic to say this is the best pizza we have ever tasted, but it was the best pizza I have ever tasted. LOL. It was the perfect amount of sauce, cheese, and excellent crust. The atmosphere is a little quirky, and we really didn't feel like we fit in to the vibe...but it won't stop me from going again.
Paul planned to go and feed the ducks, and I have asked people for a few parks/places that were good on Facebook. Everyone suggested Fairmont Park, but in the end it was Paul's day to plan...and he took us to Fox Point in Old Farm to feed the ducks there. This apartment complex was in Paul's area when he was on a mission, so it has sentimental value to us. It has a pond hidden in the middle, and feeding the ducks there is the best!
The ducks clearly don't get fed a lot here, and it made for ducks swarming us! They followed us across the street to our car, hoping we had more food. I laughed so hard, and the kids loooved it. In other feeding ducks experiences we have had, the ducks aren't interested, because they get fed so often. That will not be the case here. 
I normally would complain right here about how awful Sunday was, but it was lovely. It was relaxing, and just what we all needed. I have loved the Summer rain storms, and cooler temperatures the past couple of days.

Today was all work in the morning, all relaxing in the afternoon, and my soul is needing a Target run. 

Tomorrow is our play group at Seven Peaks in SLC if you are interested in meeting up with us {you do have to have the Pass of All Passes}. We will be there at 9:30 until Noon or so. Email me if you need any information... sellpartyof at gmail


Emily said...

Oh, that meatball pizza from Estes. And those little fried balls of dough (zeppolis?). So yummy!

Melissa Louise said...

Next time you go to Este you have to get the garlic knots. Trust me.

kendahl said...

That pizza looks fantastic! And that duck pond, omg! I want to go feed ducks there.

Vanessa Brown said...

So there is a downtown and then a sugar house locations. They now are owned by diff people (I think the business partners broke up) but the food tastes the same. But I like the sugar house location better. We get their pizza dough to take home and make our own grilled pizzas too. Mmmmm mmmmm