Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bridal Veil Falls + Hokulia Shave Ice

Do you ever look at someone's Instagram feed, and think I so wanna do that? Well, it happens to me a lot. When I saw a few pictures of things that Cathy had done recently, I decided to make her go with me to repeat them. How nice is she to make my Bridal Veil Falls dreams come true!?
I have lived in Utah my entire life, and still have yet to explore most of it. I would love to spend day after day doing just this, but I sometimes have to do adult things like...clean. Paul keeps telling me I need to figure out a way to get paid to spend nights in hotels, eat awesome food, and play. I still haven't figured out how to make this happen, one day. {wink! wink!}

Anyways, Bridal Veil Falls is one of those things I have never done, and wanted to. It has a paved path to the falls, beautiful, shaded, and a perfect adventure for my little family.
I loved that it was easy enough for the kids to climb up the falls by themselves. The cold water on our feet was perfect. I can't say enough good things. They even have a fish pond that you can buy food for a quarter to feed them. Oh, and I did see a snack shack, and lots of other things to do there...like tubing. How fun would that be? 
Anyways, we played for awhile, and then decided to head back down the path. We were ready for the next stop on my "need to do, because of Instagram" list.
Cathy {among other friends, uhem, Stephanie!} have been talking about Hokuli Shave Ice, and I wanted to go and see what the talk was all about. Even if I definitely don't feel hipster enough to hang out with most of the people that go there, I loved this little place.
I think Cathy described it best, something like...fluffy, flavored snow. So good. Huge portions, reasonable price, and you know what my favorite thing was? They have little circles cut out of the table that fit your cup perfectly. You know how your cup always is top heavy, and tips over when you go to get a bite? Never again will this happen at Hokuli Shave Ice. 

Highly recommend doing both of these activities, and I will most definitely be doing them again. Aaaaand I didn't get paid to say any of this, even though I kind of sounded like a salesperson. 

What fun activity have you seen on Instagram that you now need to try?

PS I would like to thank my personal photographer, Cathy, who has helped me with my "Get in the Picture Challenge"


kendahl said...

So, I've lived in Utah County my whole life, most of it about 5 minutes from the mouth of Provo Canyon, and have never done Bridal Veil Falls. I've driven past and taken pictures, but never done the hike (or maybe it's a walk?). Next time you plan on going, let me know and I'll take work off. No joke, I'd love to go!

Your summer adventures are what I see on Instagram and need to do. :)

Cathy said...

Thank you for getting me out of the house! You guys are awesome!

Hokulia Shave Ice said...

Thank you so much for bringing you family to Hokulia! We hope you felt like part of the family! Can't wait to see you next ;)

Clint & Stefani Severson
Hokulia Shave ice