Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer: day 9

We went on a vending adventure with Paul yesterday.

We started off at Popeye's for chicken, we have been going there at least once a week. The lines are long, but it doesn't bother us. We have ran in to friends there, and we even recognized someone from the time we had to wait an hour+ for food...and struck up a convo with him.

The thing about vending adventures is although Paul is working, it really doesn't feel like work for kids.
We went to Water Gardens Cinema 6 to get a new machine delivered. While we waited we went to the concession stand and bought popcorn, soda, and frozen Jr. Mints. Have I already mentioned this is the best theater? All the treats were only $6. Most theaters that is the cost for just the popcorn.
Anyways, we rode the new ride that Paul bought, played with the machines, and were on way.
Next stop was The Game Grid, which is an arcade that we own a couple of the games in. The kids play games {again}, and we shopped a little at the mall.

When we got home it was time for dinner. Yeah for crock pot meals, because after a long day...I didn't feel like cooking {no shock there}.

The kids played in the back yard while I got Sabrina ready for bed. Little did I know that they had turned on the hose, and sprayed each other. They came in totally soaked, and giggly.

I was really exhausted last night, and didn't feel so hot. So, everyone went to bed early. I woke up not motivated for day 10 of Summer, but I am determined to make this day fun.


Cathy said...

And fun it was!

Vanessa Brown said...

OK! I think I want to give Popeyes a try.

Rob said...

I want to be a Sell kid, sounds like a fun adventure.

Jaymerz said...

HAHA, that comment sounds kind of creepy when I post and don't realize my husband is still signed in :).

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

My kids would think that's the coolest job ever. :)I have given up on having my kids ask if they can get wet. They turn on the sprinkler under the tramp and jump for hours. Sometimes they change into a swimsuit, sometimes they stay in their clothes, whatev - it's fun!