Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer: Day 8

I knew yesterday would have to be a pretty low key day. After something a little more extravagant, I always plan next to nothing to recuperate the following day.

We played toys, and cleaned, and got ready, and took naps, and ate lunch at home...and it all felt so good. 
my current favorite picture sequence I took yesterday morning during breakfast!
My low key plans were during nap time Savannah and I would work on some of our Operation Snail Mail {still can't believe we have almost been doing this for 2 years}. We had some thank you notes that were long overdue, and school pictures to be sent to people. 
I also have been on a quest to find a 16x20 frame, and it has not been easy I tell you what. So, I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to take a looksie after we were done mailing out our stuff. Which if you must know, I still didn't find a frame I liked.
We have been working on our reading goals, and it was time to go back to the library to check in. The kids were able to pick prizes, and check out some new books. Savannah has been reading upwards of 3 hours a day...ridiculous. Even Bina got a prize she liked. 
One of the neighbors had a little shindig at her house, and I went over and scored myself the necklace I wanted from Trinkets and Butterflies. Brittany has some beautiful stuff in her Etsy shop. I may even start wearing earrings, just so that I can buy more stuff from her.
Today Paul invited us all to come on a business adventure with him. Should be exciting. I am sure whatever we do, I will try to document it well in pictures.

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kendahl said...

That picture of Bina kills me every time! She is so dang cute. Van has my same love for reading. I'm reading a new book and it's been at least 3 hours a day this week. :)