Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer: Day 6

On top of prepping for our Cupcake Wars competition yesterday, we had a couple of random things planned.

Sunday night Savannah and I sat down to plan out our week. Since a couple of days are up in the air, because we are trying to plan a day for Seven Peaks...we opted for a list to fill in as we go. So far, so good on this idea.

Savannah saw a couple of things on Pinterest that she wanted to try. One of them is freezing toys in a block of ice to chip away and get them out, and the other was a treasure map that I make and they follow to find something at the end.

The things I put on our list were a car wash for our bikes, and making gak.
After spending most of our morning shopping for our Cupcake Wars play date {more details to come} that is happening this afternoon, the kids wanted to do the car wash for their bikes.
I let them use the left over shaving cream from the moon dough, and they thought that was so fun. As always, if the water hose is involved it turns in to a water fight. Which I gladly sprayed those 3 down as they giggled.
Another simple day in the books, and yet so much fun.


kendahl said...

Love this idea!

Pooja Mittal said...

Hey nice post..

Would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin...

Keep in touch..

Emily said...

You have the best ideas! I'm going to let the kids wash their scooters for an activity one day. And freezing the toys sounds easy and fun too!

Cathy said...

We froze little plastic snakes and bugs in milk jugs of water. Then I filled up a kiddie pool and cut the jugs so the big ice chunk fell out. Plop it into the pool. The kids squealed with delight as the ice melted and the plastic animals floated out into the pool. It doesn't take much to entertain kids sometimes.

Cathy said...

Also, do you want to follow me on GFC and bloglovin

Cathy said...

Or just to KFC for some biscuit lovin'? Either one is fine with me. You pick.

Krystal said...

Will you adopt me?? Your summer is so fun! Mine has been boring... Sitting in a classroom all week. Yawn.