Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer: Day 4

Hallelujah people! I ran my normal routine yesterday, and magically we had a better day. 

It is nice to not wake up to an alarm clock, and I feel like I could really get use to these quiet mornings. I love walking in to Savannah laying on her bed reading, and Devin using his LeapFrog Tag system to read by himself. The TV has rarely come on, and it makes our house feel much more calm.

We went to Daybreak beach in the afternoon, and we planned to stay a couple of hours...but didn't quite make it. I have a hard time in the heat, especially when you can't get in the water to cool off. Sabrina turned bright red as soon as we got there, and I knew right away she wasn't going to make it as long as the older kids.
{Savannah didn't want a pony tail, Devin didn't want to be in the picture, and Sabrina is worshiping the sun!}
It was fun that Rachel met us there with her little girl. I loved being able to chat about social media, blogs, and doing a little preschool for our kids in the Fall. 

I have been lucky to have so many friends that want to go on these adventures with us, friends always make it more fun!
You know you had a good trip to the beach when you have to sweep and vacuum every part the house we walked in to get to the showers. I am not even sure the sand will ever come out of Sabrina's pants. I definitely need to plan a water park/splash pad soon so I can wear a swimming suit...this farmers tan I have goin' is not hot. 

I had plans to spend another day outside today, but instead of going and doing...I am using my "fun for the kids" board on Pinterest to plan out something different.

I plan on doing these hot rocks, because we have a lot of rocks...and crayons. I have really wanted to try this fun foam, because I just recently trashed all of our play dough. 

Happy weekend folks. I know what I am doing this weekend, nothing but sittin' on my bootay.


Cathy said...

I like you so I'm not going to let all your summer fun posts make me feel like a bad mom. I'm going to be happy for you and just a tiny bit jealous that people in your house take naps. You're awesome.

Jaymerz said...

I agree with Cathy :)