Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer: Day 3

Here is where I tell you day 3 was mostly a fail. Wah, wah, wah!

I decided that I wanted to run my schedule backwards, and it was not as successful. That is what I get for trying to beat the heat, and go to the park first thing in the morning. Lesson learned.

We had a blast, like so much fun I lost track of time. We went to Copperton Park, which is a favorite that we haven't gone to nearly enough.

We rolled out of bed, ate breakfast, cleaned a little, and then headed over to meet our friends.
Word to the wise if you go to this park, watch out for the grumpy old grounds keeper. He will yell at little 3 year old boys for playing in the water fountain. He doesn't approve of this. It made me sad, because our boys were having so much fun, and I even took pictures of their water fight. Blarg. Maybe it was wasting a little water, but they are 3 year olds...and boys. Oh well. 
We played for 2 hours, and that meant it was Devin and Bina's nap time when we got in the car. They fell asleep as soon as the car got rollin', and whenever that never ends well.
We went straight from the park to lunch and dessert with Daddy. Everything was fine until we got home, and Devin started becoming really tired. There is always that sketchy time of giving late naps, and them never going to bed at night. I decided to not do naps, and by 7:00...I was screamin' UNCLE!

I am hoping that today I can get back in my groove, and planned Daybreak Beach with friends in the afternoon...after good naps. :)

Week 1 is almost over, and I am sad because I know how fast this Summer is going to go for us. Even though it wasn't a spectacular day, I still got to sleep in...and that is always a good thing in my book.


kendahl said...

That park looks awesome! I'll have to try to make it there sometime this summer.

Tiffany said...

I love Dev's face in the picture of all of you! Priceless!!!