Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer: Day 17

What I had planned on doing yesterday was to go play at the splash pad/water feature at Liberty Park. What I failed to remember was that it was a Tuesday, and that means everyone would be at the same park using the Pass of All Passes at Tracy Aviary. See why it wasn't as desirable as I once thought?
I always want to do things, but I really didn't feel like taking the kids out by myself. I didn't have it in me. All I had to do was mention to Paul that I wanted to have him come, and he had the afternoon planned out. I feel lucky to have him around, he makes my life pretty easy. 
After I showered and got ready at 3 PM {don't judge}, we were on our way. We hit up Boondocks, and were only slightly disappointed. They have a deal on Tuesdays that if you don't buy a wrist band, you can only play certain games. It is odd, but we were already there, and why not play. They do have a really good arcade, and still managed to spend all of our tokens.
I wanted to do a picnic, but we opted for Smashburger...and eating on the patio instead. The kids weren't disappointed, probably because we had shakes. Oh, and I let Devin bring his whoopie cushion in. {The other reason why I decided on patio seating.}

Since I had told the kids we might be going swimming today, I made good on my promise when we got home. We turned on the sprinklers for them to run through.
We made it through another day, and I may just find my motivation and courage to take the kids out today by myself.


kendahl said...

Alright, I'm quitting my job and coming to your house for the rest of the summer.

Cathy said...

That last picture is hilarious. Your kids are awesome.