Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer: Day 16

I have been looking for a new kitten to help keep our Zoe company. Yesterday was finally the day I found one that was ready. We had to go to Utah County to pick him up, so I made plans to go to use our Pass of All Passes at Trafalga. 
Devin isn't as much of the dare devil I pinned him as. He was content to watch Savannah on most of the rides, except the bumper boats. He wanted to tag along with her, and gave her strict instructions he didn't want to get wet. That big Sister did such a good job protecting him, even though that is kind of the point of the ride. She didn't complain that it wasn't as fun to have him go with, but was excited he actually was participating in something.
We played long enough to not get bored, and were on our way to pick up the kitty. We fell madly in love with Dr. Cooper {the kitty}, and had to stop at Cathy's house to show him off.  
{side note: Dr Cooper is not loving Zoe. I hope that he decides that he wants to be friends, because I can't handle Coop being such a fun killer.}
We arrived at Cathy's just in time to go and feed the baby lambs next door. The kids loved this experience. I couldn't believe how quickly those bottles were empty. {Thank you Dan for helping Devin so that I could snap a few pictures.}

We played for a bit, and were on our way. Paul was nice enough to do dinner, baths, and get the kids ready for bed...and I went to dinner by myself. I never thought I would love eating by myself, but every once in awhile it feels good to have silence. 

Today...well...I haven't decided what to do. I mean I had plans on the calendar, but they aren't looking desirable right now.


kendahl said...

Dr. Cooper is really adorable! Congrats on joining the cat lady club. It's nice here. :)

Cathy said...

Cooper the Pooper is such a beauty. I'm glad we got to share our lambies with you.