Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer: Day 12 +13

Yesterday we hit up the Provo Seven Peaks for the first time this Summer. We got there right at opening, and although I heard the ladies next to us complaining about how busy it didn't feel that busy to me. I guess I don't mind a crowd as much as some do.
Our kids are weak when it comes to water, making it super easy to watch them. It also made me a tiny bit annoyed, I kind of wanted them to at least try a kiddie slide. I pouted, and then I forced them to do it. Devin cried, and I may have scarred him for life. Paul gave me the cutest kids ever, but he also passed down his fear of water to them. We are totally doing this again in a couple of weeks, these kids will conquer the water.
We stopped at Marley's for sliders, and then came home completely exhausted. 

I had forgotten that we had tickets to go to the movie premier of Monsters University at night. I was exhausted from the day, but Devin was ready for our Mommy/Son date. After spending one-on-one time with any of my kids, I always come away feeling like I need to do it more often. Devin was the perfect little date, and even made it through the entire movie without falling asleep. He definitely gives it a stamp of approval.

Today Grandma Sell is in town, and we made plans to go to lunch and feed the ducks. Even though I was a little skeptical, I used the tip I read online to feed ducks corn, instead of bread. Turns out the ducks {and the big gross fish} love corn, maybe even more than bread.
I don't think the kids ever wanted our afternoon to end. We played and played until Devin and Sabrina were overly exhausted...if only naps weren't a necessity.
It has been a fun two days, I think I am going to have to make tomorrow a movie day. I need to stay in my jammies, and eat large amounts of junk food.


kendahl said...

Those fish are DISGUSTING, right?! Did you get to see the pelican? Silly question, but did you just take canned corn? I've got a crapload of that in my storage. I could feed the ducks for life!

Oh, and Devin looks ridiculously cute with those glasses on.

Jaymerz said...

Jammie days are a must every once in a while!!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

You are having such an awesome summer!! I love reading all your daily recaps. I can't believe ours hasn't even officially started yet. 7 more days. Ugh!

Is this the pond at Liberty Park by Tracy Aviary? I'll definitely be trying the corn thing. Thanks for the tip.

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

Just in case anyone else is wondering, this duck pond is in Springville, UT. :)