Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer: Day 1

When I would think about being a stay at home Mom, I dreamed of days that went exactly like today did. I don't know if it was my Summer beginners luck, but today went perfect. I went to bed giving myself a big pat on the back.

My schedule that I had for our first day was:

Wake up {not early}, eat breakfast, feed Zoe, clean, and do our favorite pajamas in the park. Our afternoon we would venture to the Library to sign up for some Summer reading programs, run errands, eat Dinner out, and ride bikes.
Everything ran just as I had hoped, we got home from the park just in time for Sabrina's nap. While she napped, I got ready for the day...and the kids played {nicely, I might add}. When I got done, it was lunch and Devin's nap. I decided that because Savannah doesn't nap, and the other 2 do, she would need to have quiet time during the same time. She colored and read books in my bed with me, while I had quiet time too.
Devin took almost a 4 hour nap, it was ridiculously awesome. I finally woke him up, when it was time to have more fun.
We headed to the Library, and to run errands. Did you know they even have a Summer reading program for babies? I didn't. We made some reading goals, checked out some new books {Boxcar Children and Baby-sitters Club!!}, and headed home excited to start something new. 
It was a full day of fun. Savannah declared this the best first day of Summer ever, and that made me feel good. It goes to show you, you really don't have to do anything extravagant, or spend lots of money for your kids to have fun every day. 

Tuesday's plan is Tracy Aviary. I will report tomorrow. :)

PS I have a love/hate relationship with these beads, but if you want to occupy hours of time {like we have}...go purchase these, like soon.


Cathy said...

You amaze me.

kendahl said...

Looks like a perfect day! Hailey loves the Babysitter's Club books.

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

I love his upside down sunglasses in the slide photo. :)