Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Play date: Tracy Aviary

With the Pass of All Passes you can get in to the Tracy Aviary for just $1 per person on Tuesdays. I knew this week would be less crowded, because school is still in session in some parts of our area. So I planned a play date in the afternoon on my Facebook page {like it if you wanna be in the know for the next one!}. 

We repeated our routine from yesterday in the morning. I did snap at Paul, and had to apologize...but other than that it went pretty smoothly. Sabrina even got in a decent nap before it was time to head out.
We have not been to Tracy Aviary since they did the update, and I have to say I was really impressed. I definitely didn't plan enough time to do and see everything that I wanted.
We took our time, and the kids enjoyed this date a lot. This will be something we do again very soon.
I love that you can find shade easily, and you can pay the quarter to feed the ducks. Note to self: the kids would have liked to spend more time digging in the sand pit.
{Making my lady friends take my challenge with me.}

The kids really wanted to have water fight when we got home, and so it was the perfect distraction for them while I cooked dinner. 

Today was another day of pretty good balance, IMO. We cleaned, read, napped, and didn't watch any TV...and still had plenty of fun.

Wednesday's plan is a new park, and I hope to come up with an art project of some sort. Pinterest is totally coming in handy this Summer. 

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Tiffany said...

Hmmm I thought I liked you already on FB....? I think Vanessa was at the Natural Museum of History the same day we were. I love Tracy Aviary, so much fun!!