Wednesday, May 29, 2013

not perfect, but good.

This week marks a year of being a stay at home Mom. I stopped working before Sabrina arrived, and it is some of my favorite weeks in my memory. I remember soaking up having one child at home during the day, and we played in the sun like never before.
I haven't always loved staying home, it has definitely had ups and downs along the way. I am happy to report that it is mostly ups nowadays.
I still haven't figured out how to keep the house spotless, or how to cook all of our meals at home. Maybe it may take me another year, or never.
{Before Bina got delicious thighs!}
I have learned that my kids rely on me to entertain them a lot, and I try to be okay with that most of the time. I like to plan play dates, and take my kids on adventures. It feels good to not have to plan my days around a work schedule, or take time off to attend all the little events that come up.
I try to remember what it felt like to never be home for bedtime, and try to appreciate how much more I get to do because I am home.
I am thankful that I have had this opportunity to experience being home. I know that it isn't something everyone gets to do, and I try not to take this time for granted.

These babies of ours have grown up so quickly this year, and I have loved watching every moment. 


kendahl said...

Oh my, that picture of you and Devin is so freaking adorable. I'm dying. I can't believe Bina is almost a year already! When are we going to do lunch again? When is Van out of school? Because the waffle truck will be at Thanksgiving Point Friday from 10-2.

Emily said...

That is an amazing anniversary to celebrate. I've been a stay-at-home mom for nearly 16 years and I still don't have it figured out! ;)