Monday, May 13, 2013

feeding the ducks.

I could tell that Savannah had felt a little left out that we went to the farm without her, but she played it off that it would have been boring for her. 
So, Devin and I planned a surprise for Savannah when we picked her up from school on Friday. We had stopped at the gas station for treats, packed clothes for Savannah to change in to, and headed to Wheeler Farm. I have to say that I love Wheeler Farm a little more than Farm Country, mostly because it is pretty much free. You can pay to go on a tractor ride, and duck food is pennies...other than
Spring time is the best to go and visit any farm, because of all the cute baby animals. Haven't we already discussed how anything looks cuter when it is a tiny baby!?
We had fun feeding the ducks, playing in all the little houses, and then we hit up the slides at the end. I can see this quickly becoming a staple in our routine this Summer. It was easy to spend a few hours, and next time instead of just treats I am packing lunch. 
Who wants to go with us?  Only a couple more weeks until the end of the school year, but we aren't counting...


Cathy said...

I might have to meet up with you there this summer. It looks nice and shady.

kendahl said...

Agh, your kids are so cute it kills me! One of these weekends, you'll have to pack a lunch and come down to Springville. We've got a huge pond with ducks and geese and swans and pelicans! And you can sit right on the grass with them and feed them. It's pretty awesome.

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I LOVE Wheeler Farm!! We are there a lot in the summer too, especially when Mark is on graveyard shift. Let me know next time you go. I would love to come along!!