Friday, May 31, 2013

end of the 2nd grade.

{yesterday before school}
We have been ready for 2nd grade to be over for quite a few weeks. These early mornings are starting to make us grumpy, and we are ready to sleep in a little. 

This year was much different for all of us. The babies and I ventured out more, and Savannah started to realize that staying home may just be more fun than going to school. She does love to learn, and enjoys reading...but going fun places during the day sometimes sounds better.

Savannah's teacher this year was the same teacher she had in Kindergarten. The biggest difference Mrs. Corbett noticed in Savannah, is that she was more in control of her emotions. Which was nice to hear, because it has been something we have worked really hard on.
Savannah had to dress up for her report on Elizabeth Stanton...
We are excited to start enjoying our Summer, and have lots of fun things planned.

I am trying to not think about her going to 3rd grade, because really that just sounds so much older!  

my favorite is the Kindergarten post, she looks so tiny....
{kindergarten post}
{1st grade post}
{2nd grade post}


Cathy said...

She's such a cutie. I love the glasses on her.

kendahl said...

Summer vacation means... waffles! One day. :)

Nikki said...

I blinked and mine turned 14! High school is the scariest word ever! We drove past the elementary school and the kindergarteners were crossing the street.
My hubby exclaimed "Oh my! they are way too tiny to be in school!" It goes so fast, Enjoy this time!