Monday, April 1, 2013

celebrating his birthday.

After giving Devin a long list of things to do for his birthday, he chose bowling. That kid loves it. He especially loves to go to Rollerball lanes, because he can do it all by help.
We headed to Boondocks Fun Center up North, because we knew after he was done bowling...he would most definitely want to play arcades.
It was our first adventure that Savannah is finally too tall for the play land, but Devin really wanted to do that. Devin is too short for the fast track, and Savannah really wanted to do that. Paul and I split up to make both kids happy, and it still worked out. I think Devin had fun, but would have played much longer if he had his older sister sidekick.
Devin got money from Grandpa and Grandma and chose a scooter to spend some of his money on. It has definitely taken him some time to get the hang of it, but he is enough of a dare devil...he doesn't mind the skinned knees.
It is fun to watch each kid show different interests, and have their own opinion. Savannah tried to persuade Devin to choose something she wanted to do. I was proud that he stuck to his guns, even after his sister tried to talk him out of it.

We are gearin' up for another year of tantrums, rough housing, and his mischievous ways. Hoping we survive.


kendahl said...

His Monsters shirt is so dang cute. I want one for myself. Maybe this year he'll grow out of tantrums? Crossing my fingers for you.

The Circus said...

I'm digging the inside out pants! What a cutie.

Emily said...

Happy birthday to a handsome guy!