Monday, March 11, 2013

this is why.

{photo credit: Kim Orlandini Photography}

Sometimes I struggle with writing raw and real, and just writing our family highlights. I get that it can be annoying for some reading how wonderful life is, never seeing the other side of things.

The terrible 3's are in full swing over here, and can get pretty hairy. I still struggle with PPD, and even though life is pretty is hard to see it sometimes.

Over the weekend in between tantrums, and the flu, and crying...I did some thinking about this. I realized why I need to share the highlights more than the raw and real.

When I am in those dark moments, the moments that I feel I just may break. I need the highlights to pull me through. I need to be able to sit and write about happy thoughts, and remind myself that life is pretty amazing.

When I feel like I am failing, and I am making all the wrong decisions...I need to be able to remember I made that 3 year old happy at least one time in the day. I need to remember I took the time to rock our sweet baby, just because. I need to remember the small things that hopefully will add up to something.

So maybe it is annoying to read what appears to be the perfect life, but know...there is always more going on that is left unwritten.


kendahl said...

You do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy. I'll keep reading no matter what. You are wonderful and you are an excellent mother.

Emily said...

This is true for so many of us. "There is always more going on that is left unwritten." Perfectly said.

Vanessa Brown said...

a--to the---men