Tuesday, March 19, 2013

this boy is 3.

Still in shock that Devin was born 3 years ago. These years have been fast and furious, just like the movie he was named after. I don't think that there has been a dull moment since the moment he came to our family.

A little about Devin at 3...
He clearly has the best eyes, and the looks he gives us get him out of a lot of trouble. I am sure he will use those eyes to break a few girls hearts along the way.
Devin is a quirky little guy. He loves his nails painted, playing dress up, and has been begging for me to buy him a baby stroller.
His favorite animal is a chicken. Last night while watching his favorite show Umizoomi, he locked himself under a laundry basket and was pretending to be one. If you went up to the "cage" he would cluck at you, and try to peck at your fingers.
Devin doesn't give hugs and kisses freely. If you get one, cherish it.
He sleeps with his Spiderman blanket every night, and prefers to not wear clothes. Some nights Devin will sneak in to our bed. I secretly love when he snuggles up to me, it is such a rare moment. I love to soak it in. It is still my favorite to watch him curl up in his bed, and start sucking his thumb.
Devin is constantly teaching us patience, and has a completely care free attitude. His smile is contagious, and he loves to make people laugh along with him.
He adopted the purple raccoon "Sissy" from Savannah, and has since added "Fart-E" the frog to his favorite toys.
When I asked Paul what reminds him of Devin, he said "Nothing reminds me of him, he is so unique." How true this is. This kid is one of kind, and will never stop making us wonder where the heck he came from.
Happy Birthday Devi.
You sure know how to make life eventful.
Love you.


kendahl said...

Happy birthday little dude! You are starting to look *JUST* like your Dad.

Cathy said...

Happy birthday, cute boy!

Emily said...

Happy birthday, Devin! Such a handsome guy!

Jaymerz said...

He is so cute!! Happy Birthday little guy!!

Vanessa Brown said...

That backdrop is just perfect for his coloring. The pictures are really awesome!