Monday, March 18, 2013

st. patty's day.

Usually on St. Patrick's Day, I stick my kids in green. The End. This holiday isn't one that my parents ever made a big deal.

After seeing a couple of cute traps people were making on Instagram, I decided my kids would totally eat this stuff up. 30 minutes before bed I was busy trying to figure out how to make this awesome with zero planning ahead. Oh, and did I mention I was clueless as to what actually attracts the leprechaun, what he looks for, what he leaves...

Savannah made the cutest little trap in her bedroom, and excitedly went to bed.

Paul laughed at me when he saw all the last minute things I pulled out of my bag of tricks.

The milk was turned green. Some how when I cracked open the eggs, they turned green when they hit the bowl. That Larry the leprechaun was sneaky. He opened up our brand new box of Lucky Charms, and spread them all over the floor. I found this cute idea here, and that was a total hit.
The kids were so excited when they woke up. It was fun to add something fun to this holiday. Next year I will be better prepared!

Sometimes it feels good to step up your game, and be a fun Mom.


Emily said...

All I did was put chocolate coins in a little green box and put it by their pillows--at about 3pm in the afternoon. That's how I roll.

kendahl said...

Way to go! We barely even mentioned the day.

Lechelle said...

You are such a fun mom. Good job!

Vanessa Brown said...

See this is just little stuff that only takes a bit of time to do and is just FUN. I like stuff like this :) Not over the top but just plain fun.