Monday, March 25, 2013

i love.

I have a slight addiction to Instagram. Who doesn't? Sometimes I forget to use my actual camera, and just carry my phone. I am just shy of having 3,000 photos on my new phone. Maybe I shouldn't admit to that, it looks ridiculous when I type it out.

Who is loving the giveaways on Instagram? Once I figured out how to make a screenshot on my phone, I was golden. So easy to enter, and get notified. I love it.

I have entered a few, and hadn't won. I have been eyeing all the giveaways that you can win your Instagram feed printed by Persnickety Prints. With over 900 photos on my feed, it was enticing.
My luck finally came around when The Gap at University Mall hooked up with Persnickety Prints...and I totally won.
{1st entry...gumball machine shirt, part of Gap's Valentine's Day line}
Everyone already knows my love for pictures, and the little 3x3 prints with all my most treasured snapshots...make me swoon.
{entry #2...Devin sportin' the Gap fleece jacket. A throwback picture for his birthday week.}

Persnickety Prints were wonderful to work with, and I was most impressed with how quickly the prints were on my doorstep. Heaven knows, I am not patient.
{Bina was having a really bad day when they announced I won, this is my thank-you-gram!}

I have already started to scrap these, and think they are such a cute size on the pages. I decided I take a ton of pictures while I am rocking Bina, sleeping babies in the car, and my food.
{my tower of prints that I love!}

Thank you Gap and Persnickety Prints. You guys made me ridiculously happy.
{first page in Bina's book done...I may also take a lot of selfies!}

Disclosure: They have no idea that I am writing this. No disclosure required. I know I will be printing more of these goodies through Persnickety Prints.


Jaymerz said...

I have been wanting to print me instafeed, and now I want to even more!! Congrats again!!

Emily said...

SO awesome! Was so excited you won!

Krystal said...

Awesome. I still don't understand how to use Instagram or hashtags!

Cathy said...

I'm totally jealous.

kendahl said...

This is super awesome. Congrats on the win!