Tuesday, March 12, 2013


At the beginning of the school year they tested Savannah's vision. I didn't hear back that day, so I thought everything checked out. I knew that she had asked her teacher if she would move her to the front of the classroom, because she was having a hard time seeing. A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail telling me that she didn't pass the vision test. Bummer.
This was just another thing to add to our ever growing list of things to pay for, and I will admit I kind of put it off. Savannah has bugged me, and I finally made her an eye appointment. I kind of thought that she just wanted glasses, not because she needed them. 
When the eye doctor asked Savannah to read the biggest letters on the chart, and she couldn't...I felt that awesome Mom guilt. She is really blind. You better believe that is the one gene she got from me...blindness!
{These are the pair!}

We had fun trying on all of the cute frames, and Savannah was dead set on blue frames. We decided that Devin even looks adorable in frames, and is definitely a mini Paul.
She is really excited for them, and I think she can totally pull of any look...because she is just a beautiful little girl.


Jaymerz said...

She is beautiful!! I need to take Samantha in for vision tests because she struggles if she is in the back of class, but I have been putting it off too.

Amy Searles said...

How cute! I got glasses in 3rd grade and then only would wear them for a year. Then in Junior High I went back after a failed vision test and got contacts. I now flip between glasses and contacts and it's become a part of me. Lasik has crossed my mind, but I'm terrified!

kendahl said...

She looks freaking adorable in glasses, seriously! And Devin? Totally mini-Paul.

Lechelle said...

She is beautiful. When I was in elementary school and they did the vision tests, I would notice the pattern of the kids in front of me, who had to say what line, and what line would be mine when they got to me. Then I would memorize what they said and pass perfectly when it was my turn. Of course I was blind and having a W last name I sat in the back of class. So I did awful in school and would get creamed for it every report card. So I finally gave in and admitted I needed glasses in 7th grade. My parents "reassured" me, that I could just work on having a sweet spirit and that would make me attractive to the right boys. My point is - don't feel the mom guilt over your delay. Your daughter knows you love her and can feel it from you, look at how happy she is, such a beautiful little girl who is looking at you with such love, everything else is peanuts.

Tiffany said...

Adorable!!! She looks SO cute!!!

I got glasses when I was in 1st grade.... I desperately need a new pair!!!