Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Coloring Easter eggs is not my favorite, and then after you color them...what do you do with all the hard boiled eggs? I can only eat so many egg salad sandwiches, and deviled eggs.
Last year it was long after Easter was over, and the kids were still begging me to color the eggs. Blast. So, this year I decided to get it done nice and early to avoid the never ending nagging I would surely get.
The kids had fun. I tried to not freak out every time Devin would splash the dye all over everything. We only had 2 casualties in the hands of Devin, and lots of beautiful eggs.
{this is what Bina did while we colored eggs! I like people to know she is there, even though she doesn't get to participate!}
I made the kids eat egg salad sandwiches for dinner that night, only 1 kid really liked them...Savannah.
The next morning, after leaving the dirty dishes in the sink over night, Savannah asked me why our kitchen smelled like fart. I don't think she will eating egg salad sandwiches again for awhile.


The Stanley's said...

Skip the dye and use markers!

Jaymerz said...

HAHA, I dread this too. The eggs are cooked they are now just waiting to be colored, maybe tonight.

Cathy said...

We did that yesterday and now my fridge smells like fart.

Emily Christine said...

Are you sure you didn't sneak an old picture of savannah in there??

Amy said...

You should look into Ukrainian eggs. They are so much fun to do and you use eggs that have been blown out so there is no hard boiled eggs to eat afterwards. I blow the eggs out and use them in different things, like German pancakes, cookies, or anything else that calls for eggs. Then you can keep the eggs for a few years (depending on how fast your kids or yourself break them.) If you clean the eggs and let them dry all the way and mix the dyes in mason jars, you can store them for several years so you don't have to keep buying dyes.

I am pretty sure you are invited to read my blog. If not let me know and I will add you. I just posted about Ukrainian eggs yesterday.


kendahl said...

Way to go! I actually love dying Easter eggs, so next year, just bring your kids down to my house. :)

Vanessa Brown said...

hah I love Devin's face in that one picture.