Thursday, March 14, 2013


I wasn't planning on getting pictures taken of the kids in their Easter clothes, but when I saw the bunnies at Camera Shy...I begged Paul. Like the good husband he is, he humored me.

Devin started barfing Sunday night, and I was afraid we were going to have to cancel our appointment. Monday rolled around, and he was back to himself. I thought it must have been some 24 hour bug or something. Tuesday he woke up, and seemed fine too. Pictures were totally a go. Devin has been really against having his picture taken lately...must take after his Daddy. I knew if I bribed him at the end with these bunnies we would get some smiles out of him.

Or so I thought.

He clearly was feeling off, and not just being stubborn.
He managed to smirk a few times, but other than that he just looked really sad {which actually made for some really cute pictures}.

We made it to the end, and he was so excited to see those bunnies. We got one picture right before the bunny jumped, and freaked him out...and then he cried huge crocodile tears. Who knew he wouldn't like them!?
Of course Savannah was so totally in love, and those poor bunnies got abused by Sabrina. At one point Sabrina picked one of the bunnies up by an ear, and the photographer had to rescue it.
Although we didn't get the exact bunny pictures I was hoping for, I think we got some really adorable pictures of these kids of ours.
{I totally printed this one out big, and realized Sabrina was giving everyone the big ol' bird. Makes me love the picture even more!}


kendahl said...

Those are suuuuuuuuuper cute!

Jil ~ said...

This made my day! They are absolutely darling! Loved the smirk and the bird!!

Emily Christine said...

THESE are so cute! I am so getting Ling's pictures there this summer!!

Emily said...

That last one is my very favorite.

Amy Searles said...

Those pictures are adorable. This is the first that I've heard about Camera Shy..

Nicole said...

Darling! I thought the one with the bunnies was "the bird" picture. I never get pictures done because I'm color blind so coordinating the outfits freaks me out to the point of not scheduling photos.

Vanessa Brown said...

Van! I love your dress :) Very cute.