Wednesday, February 13, 2013

put a bird on it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was home with the kids by myself. After giving Sabrina a bath, and putting her to bed...I came down to the kitchen to find water coming out of our light fixture. Not the most comforting sight. It quickly made the paint on the ceiling bubble, and we started to freak out. We found ourselves trying to find a plumber in the middle of a blizzard {of course!}. His ETA was Midnight. Ugh. So, we while waited we tried to figure out how water would leak in our kitchen when absolutely nothing showed signs of water leaking upstairs.
He came, he was weird, and we tried for 2 hours to duplicate the leak...and got nothin'. Plumber #1 said that he would be happy to cut a hole in our ceiling for $300 to find out the problem. We passed, and decided to get some sleep.

The next day we call Plumber #2, and he refers us to Handyman #1. Handyman #1 no shows two days in a row, and we still are having sporadic leaking.
I call my friend Lynda, and we go over and over this stupid leak. She refers me to Handyman #2. He comes, and we spend forever trying to figure out this leak. Handyman #2 thinks it is the shelves in my shower that were poorly installed. It seemed like a long shot, but he gave us a cheap bid...and we went with it.

After we stopped using that shower, and still had the leak...we realized the shelf idea was not the problem. We call Handyman #2 back over a weekend, and got no response. Back to square one.
So, I call Lynda back and she feels bad, and makes her husband come and play Handyman #3. He was nice enough to spend a few hours trouble shooting with us. This time we were partly successful, and found that my jetted tub had been leaking in the garage through the spout {not the shelves like Handyman #2 thought}...but still didn't figure out the mysterious leak in the kitchen.

Are you sick of this story yet, because we sure were dunzo at this point.

Some days the leak decided to show its ugly face, and other days was dry as a bone. Sometime between all these days, we figure out we have a leak from the dryer. I know, we didn't think we could leak from a vent that blows only hot air either.

We are at our breaking point, and I call Plumber #2 back to tell him I need help he refers me to Plumber #3. Confused yet? So, Plumber #3 comes over to inspect my problem. He was weird, drove a box truck, and I may have thought he was going to murder me and stuff me in the back of said truck {I'm kidding, sort of.}. He decides we have just gotta cut a hole in my kitchen ceiling. He did an awful job at making the hole pretty, made me almost have an anxiety attack from cutting after I said stop, and found the leak was indeed coming from my dryer vent. He also can't repair it, nor can he fix the hole in my ceiling. Back to the drawing board we go.
I call Handyman #2 back, and tell him above story...and he comes back to my house. After seeing the damage from Plumber #3, he gives me a $500 bid...and we are on our way to fixing the problem.
So, what was causing the leak? Just a freakin' bird flew in from outside through the vent and made a fat nest in there. Totally clogging my dryer vent, making me think I needed to go out and buy a new dryer, and putting us through hell. So help me if I ever see that bird, I am gonna give him a piece of my mind.


Rudy Rukus said...

That sucks so bad. I am so sorry. I could have cut a horrible hole in your ceiling for free! Boo!

kendahl said...

I'm so glad you figured out the problem, but boo for it taking so long and costing so much! I'll go outside and yell at the birds outside my window right now, just in case it was them.

Jaymerz said...

Stupid Bird!! Glad you found the problem, but what a headache!! So Sorry!!

Emily said...

We've got a pellet gun or two...want one?