Friday, February 15, 2013

new things.

We started a couple of things in our house that seem to be working, and hopefully they will stick around for a long time...knock on wood.

If you haven't been to the Target $1, quick {I'll wait} so you can score all of the awesome they have goin' on.
One day I went and found these cute little mailboxes, and quickly I had this idea of a family type Operation Snail Mail/reward system for my kids. I picked up a bunch of little things like lip gloss, bath bombs, bubble bath, some plastic rings, etc.{I got all of this in the $1 bin as well} to put inside of the mailboxes.
I had this grand plan of decorating the mailboxes, but honestly the kids don't care. So, I just put names on them for now. If the kids help, listen, have a bad day...I sneak a little prize in their mailbox, and put the flag up. Devin was even good enough to get Hotel Transylvania sitting by his mailbox. There have also been a lot of days that the mailboxes have sat empty, I take this reward system pretty seriously. The kids have to really be good, none of this being a big push over. It took a week for Savannah to figure out that she wasn't going to come home from school every day with something waiting.
We also decided that it takes more than just me trying to keep the house clean. Every Saturday we all clean in the morning, if chores get done...we have fun afternoon. It is really motivating, and we have had some fun things planned to do as a reward. The biggest thing, our house is clean for Sunday, and we can actually rest. Nothing beats a clean house, IMO.
The kids haven't completely adjusted to this new cleaning routine, but they are loving the fun Saturday afternoons. Devin is good if you give him little chores, and Savannah likes to complain a. lot. BUT I am glad that we are changing. Change is good for us, right?


Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Those mailboxes are so cute! What a fun idea! I'm going to pin them on Pinterst so everyone can be jealous of your awesomeness, myself included!! We started the extra chores on Saturday too and I am all too familiar with the complaining. When I was a kid I had a mile long list of chores and outside work with our chickens and animals. I keep wondering how I'm going to instill a hard work ethic in my kids since life is so much more laid back now of days. I just keep praying I'm doing an ok job.

kendahl said...

Chores are probably the biggest battle in my house. I hate having to be mean but that's what it takes to get anything done. I hate it, but I also hate being the only one cleaning the house. I like the mailboxes though... I may have to steal that idea.

Jaymerz said...

Chores are always a battle. We made some changes around here, it is easier for me to stick to, and they are starting to get the hint.

Emily said...

Those mailboxes are adorable! What a great idea! As for Saturday chores, no one likes them. I used to clean on Monday so I wouldn't have to worry about any work on Saturday. That doesn't work as well with a house full of kids, though. Dang!

Vanessa Brown said...

If our house is messy on Sunday we have a horrible Sunday. Every time. So every Saturday night when everyone is asleep I get to work. The kids help me earlier but by the end of the day. It's back to a mess. So every Saturday night you know what I'm doing!

Rudy Rukus said...

I love this! What a great idea. I'm copying.... :)