Friday, February 1, 2013

a workout journal {week 3}

January 28th, 2013

Before this week even started I wanted to exercise every single day. Then I looked at the calendar and realized I had Bina's Dr. appointment bright and early today...missing my workout. So bummed out, and I was even tempted to reschedule her visit...

I guess the shoveling snow counts for something though.

January 29th, 2013

I was really excited to work out, and then I got there...I just felt off. Those feelings of being pathetic and weak were strong in my head, and the more I worked out it only became worse. Every push up I couldn't do, every time I had to just made me sad.

This isn't an overnight journey, I know this. Every time I have gotten to this point, I usually have given up. I may be driving my readers crazy with these weekly exercise updates, but the truth is...this may be the only reason why I haven't stopped. I don't want to be embarrassed, I don't want to be weak, and I want to prove some people wrong.

I took my weekly pictures, and it is hard to see absolutely no change...because of course I should be a size 2 by now with all the working out I do. {wink} Just when I thought I had changed emotionally, I took a few steps back with that as well.

I came home and shoveled 6+ inches of snow, and worked up another sweat.

I look forward to a new day.
January 30th, 2013

I had a long talk with myself, and everything is going to be alright. I may not exercise every day. Sometimes my kids don't sleep well at night, and I can't find my motivation in the morning. I can't let these be reasons to not be active. Devin has gone to enough of these morning workouts that he is starting to know how to warm up. We had fun doing some of those exercises together, and I love that I am teaching my kids young to take care of themselves.

January 31, 2013

I did Just Dance with the kids, and you know what? Devin quit before I did. Now that is sayin' something.

February 1st, 2013

I took an early weekend, and not because I deserved it. Life seems to get in the way of working out a lot. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?


Cathy said...

Little kids! They sabotage our plans. I have to go to the gym at 9:00 at night if I want to go at all. That's just how it is at this stage in my life. Sure, I could go during the day on the two days a week when my kids are both in school but no way I'm giving my precious free time to the gym. You're doing great, Evonne. And shoveling snow totally counts.

kendahl said...

Life absolutely gets in the way. You just have to keep your head up and exercise when you can. And stay active. Just Dance sweat mode is a killer, btw! You are doing awesome. Keep it up!

Jerilee E. said...

Life gets in the way a lot for a mom. I have very few times where I can get a workout in. If I miss my alarm or anything else needs to be done at those times, that's it. We do what we can.

Lechelle said...

You are doing great! I'm trying, and life is getting in my way too. just keep swimming right?

Rudy Rukus said...

Kids ruin everything LOL. Keep coming you will see a difference I promise. And emotional differences are MORE important than physical ones!

Jaymerz said...

Life gets in the way all the time. I try to go at 5:45 in the morning and it is hard!! Just keep swimming :)

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I love your weekly updates. They motivate me! :) I know I totally screwed up when I never brought over that Jazzercise coupon when I said I would (sooo sorry!) but I'm super excited that you've found something that has been working for you and have people that are there to support you.

Jil ~ said...

I love reading your weekly updates, they help motivate me to want to do better! It's hard to keep going when the weight doesn't come off immediately, but then I have to remember that it didn't show up in just a day! Keep up the good work. And I love hearing about your children. I miss that!