Thursday, January 3, 2013

more christmas.

We took multiple trips to Santa for Devin. The first was a total bust, because he would not make eye contact with Santa. By the third time...he was happy, and excited to repeat that he wanted SPIDER-MAN for Christmas. Devin wasn't specific, he just wanted a Spiderman. He never changed his mind, or added to his wants.

Our friends Dwaine and Lynda came over, and when they asked him what he wanted he jumped up and down, and yelled "SPIDER-MAN!". We really do have the best friends, because the next week when we went to visit them...he unwrapped a Spider-Man blanket, and a big Spider-Man too! He was so excited, and has slept with those things ever since.
Santa brought more Spider-Man stuff for Devin, but can you guess what he liked more? All of Sabrina's stuff. I have spent more hours protecting her toys than you can imagine. The punching bag that Santa brought for Bina is a favorite for everyone. I can only imagine how much the cool factor would go up if I actually added the batteries to it. Eh, maybe in 6 months I will get around to it.
{waiting at the top of the stairs Christmas morning}

While all the kids were playing, unwrapping, and all smiles I couldn't help but feel so blessed that this is my life. This little family of mine makes me incredibly happy. I love that Christmas for us is all new traditions, and that Paul will play along with some of my crazy ideas {ahem, Polar Express part. 2}. I couldn't have planned this year out any better, and my only hope is that I can repeat it all next year.


kendahl said...

It's always the toys not meant for them that they enjoy the most. Hailey plays with the cat's toys sometimes. Kids are strange.

Side note - that picture of you on your sidebar is absolutely gorgeous! You look amazing.

Cathy said...

Awesome. And your kids are adorable. You are blessed.