Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Since I could obviously talk about Christmas/December for another month, I decided I would do a highlight post of some things that definitely deserve mention.

The kids picked out presents for each other this year. I loved that Bina got maracas from Devin. The hit was the xylophone for Devin, and the girls played tea party with the new little set. On Christmas Eve morning we woke up and had a warm up for Christmas. I had wrapped all the presents and left them under the "kid" tree. Super fun, and they were proud of everything they had picked out.
Since we don't have a lot of people to buy for at Christmas, we picked out a family that we thought needed a little extra love this year. It reminded me so much of my childhood when people would do nice things for our family, because we didn't have much. It left Paul and I feeling so appreciative of everything we have, and looking to serve more. It makes you have the best feeling.

I can't even count how many batches of cookies we made, and I even branched out of my normal M&M cookies to make peanut butter. Devin is a pro in the kitchen with me, and even helped decorate plates of goodies. I think I need to start doing plates year round. The kids fight over who gets to take them to the door, and now when we make any goodies Devin says "thwese for our fwriends?".

BFF was here for Christmas. We got to see each other briefly, and my kids put on a show for the 30 minutes we were at the yogurt shop.
Kim took Bina's pictures, and I can't wait to see them. I loved watching Bean be wide-eyed and love getting the attention from Kim. Also, Bina turned 6 months old...I know, say whaaa!?? {Post coming soon!}

Grandma Sell from Wisconsin hand delivered presents for the kids. Savannah wanted to talk about the play she was practicing for, and Devin wanted to be crazy...shocking.

We went to our ward Christmas party, it has been a decade since the last time we went. Wowza.

Aaand now we are all caught up, I think.

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