Thursday, January 10, 2013


Sometimes when you are thinking of your resolutions for the new year, do you automatically think of failure?! Maybe it is just me, because of how many times I have said that I was going to lose weight for the new year...and it has never happened.

This year I really do want to get my body back. I started New Year's Eve, and have made little changes to attempt to get more physically fit. Check back with me in month, okay?!

I wanted to pick a word for 2013, and I decided on RECONNECT. It can mean so many things, and that is why I liked it so much.

I need to put down my cell phone, and reconnect with the people I am really suppose to be spending time with.

I need to reconnect with Paul, and go on more dates.

So, 2013 is my year to reconnect.

I started thinking of some simple things that I wanted to change in the New Year...
I want to wear more jewelry.
I want to put my contacts in more.
I want to make my bed.
I want to plan a few family road trips...NOT to Twin Falls. :)
I want to cook more.
I want to do more service.
I want to be in more pictures with my kids.
We actually started having family prayer at night, and have been good at we need to get the hang of it in the morning. Maybe even add a FHE lesson once a week, because we already have plenty of family time.

I am thankful that a new year always brings that time to ponder what we can do better. We can always hope the new year is better, and more amazing...can I get an Amen?!


kendahl said...

I feel like New Year's resolutions are designed to fail, so I've stopped making them. Seriously, how many people do you know that have set a resolution and then actually stuck to it? But, I like your goals. Some of them are on my "try to change" list too, like wear jewelry and put in my contacts and be in more pictures. :)

Cathy said...

Amen! My goal is to just be me and stop worrying about goals. Ha.

Emily said...

I love Cathy's comment. Seriously a great idea. And I adore your word for 2013. It's perfect for all of us!

Vanessa said...

Yes, more date nights! Time to find you guys a good babysitter. Figure out how far you would be willing to travel to pick up and drop off a babysitter. Then start asking around. I want you to find one!

Rudy Rukus said...

You are so cute! You still need to come workout with me. I'm going to Zumba tonight at 9 if you are interested. I am also going at 9 am in the morning. I am going to make my bed more too! And I have been working on the picture thing a lot too!