Saturday, January 12, 2013

girl scout cookies.

The time has finally come folks!!
This girl is selling Girl Scout Cookies.
In the weeks leading up to the cookie kick off, I think I have been just as excited about this as she is. It is fun to watch her be apart of something that she loves, and is really excited to be doing.

She set a goal to sell 100 boxes of cookies. We went to the meeting, and the troop goals were waaaay more than our little 100 boxes. Sooo, if you want to buy cookies, Savannah is your gal.


$3.50 a box

The 8 flavors are...

Savannah Smiles
Dulce De Leche
Thank u Berry Munch
Thin Mints

Pay when they come in at the end of February, and Savannah will deliver them to you.


Vanessa said...

I'll order some for my mama and sister. Sign me up food six boxes and PayPal me an invoice.

kendahl said...

I am going to do everything I can to get her to 300 boxes. With how cute she is, I can't imagine her *not* hitting it. :)

Rudy Rukus said...

I will be submitting my order soon!!! Yay and how cute is she? Love it!

dust and kam said...

I seriously want some, but I KNOW I would go crazy and eat them all if I did. Maybe I can preorder a case for next year? ;)