Wednesday, January 2, 2013

christmas miracles.

This Christmas season was one of my favorite. It was low key, and filled with lots of family time and service. I hope to repeat it again next year, and was slightly sad to see it all end.

I didn't have high hopes when the season all started with having THE Santa talk with Savannah. She cried, and was devastated...but the days followed were story after story that kids at school were telling people. I was beyond grateful that my gut told me to talk to her. Then something really fantastic and strange happened, even after the talk...she still believed. It made things really magical.

Our kids don't make lists, and when they sat on Santa's lap they only asked for one toy each. Savannah wanted a Webkinz, and Devin wanted Spiderman. It made things really easy and fun for Santa.

When I started looking for Savannah's present I realized all my go-to places didn't sell Webkinz anymore. So, since we already had the Santa talk, I just told her that I couldn't find it...and what else did she want. Well, she didn't want anything else, so I just picked up a Lalaloopsy doll...and hoped for the best. Not even a day later Nicole told me that they had Webkinz at Seagull Book, and Paul and I buzzed down there to see. We walked in to find $2.99 Webkinz, and lots of them. Oh gosh, this was going to be the surprise of all surprises. This for me was when the magic of the season really started.
We ended up going to sit on Santa's lap two days before Christmas, and she randomly said she wanted a Lalaloopsy doll. I almost burst inside with excitement. This girl was going to freak out when she not only was going to get the Webkinz, but the doll too. I don't think she really thought she was getting either, but didn't lose hope. I had already told her that Santa's sleigh was filled, and it might be too late for a change of mind.

Her and I had lots of little talks about if you believe, you will receive what you want the most, and if she really wanted to keep believing in Santa it was okay. Santa is like magic and just may very well find a Webkinz, even if Mommy couldn't. I think her little heart just couldn't help but hope for Santa to be real so that she could get that one toy.
I shed a little tear when I was putting out all the toys Christmas Eve, and I placed that pink poodle Webkinz by her pile. I added a note from Santa that was printed from Treat that said that he was glad she still believed.
You would never know I had the Santa talk with Savannah just a few weeks before. The magic in our house is very much still alive, and it was just one of the things this year that made it special for us.


kendahl said...

Aw, I'm glad everything fell into place just right! We had the talk with Hailey this year, too... way late, I know, but I don't get to be the deciding factor or I would have done it a few years ago so she didn't get ruined by the kids at school.

Rudy Rukus said...

You rotten lady Santa is real!!!!!! And if you don't believe you don't receive! hahaha I still believe and clearly you need to cause it sounds like santa heard about the Webkinz and I don't even know what those are! teehee. My kids told me that kids at school were telling them and they just told me "Moms that's just crazy" and I agree! LOL

Emily said...

I love that she still believes. And she so totally deserved to be super surprised and happy Christmas morning. :)

Arianne said...
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Arianne said...

SO Magical I love it!!