Wednesday, January 9, 2013

bina baby.

6 months.
Where did the time go? Doesn't everyone say that?
Two teeth.
Mommy loving.
Happiest little thing on the planet.
Not loving solids.
Best thighs in the house.
Biggest smile.
Finally sleeping at night.
Still hates to be cold.
Loves naps snuggled up to someone.
Hair is getting close to being able to put little pony tails in it.
Will only take a pacifier under 2 circumstances, sleep and carseat.
Laughs at Devin.
Looks like Savannah.
Totally madly in love.

Stats coming soon.


Alyssa said...

She is sooo cute!! Those thighs are to die for!! :)

kendahl said...

Oh, she is such a doll! So freaking cute. And her thighs... oh, the humanity! I could squeeze them all day.

Cathy said...

Cute cute cutie cute cute!