Thursday, January 31, 2013

a day by the hour.

Really my day started at 5:30 AM, but I was entirely too tired to think about taking pictures. So, I started at a reasonable hour of 8:00 AM.

{8:00 AM}
Devin was excited to have earned Hotel Transylvania, and wanted to watch it first thing this morning. This box it came in is his new favorite thing to carry around.
{9:00 AM}
Devin doesn't love the snow, but I decided to ask him if he wanted to go play outside. He shockingly said he yes. We didn't last long, but both of the babies had fun.
{10:00 AM}
Some of us played puzzles, and some of us tried to eat the puzzles.
{11:00 AM}
Devin takes his nap. Oh, and yes he has about every blanket we own in his bed...funny kid.
{12:00 PM}
I need a treat. Not naming any names, but someone is teething...and is crazy grumpy.
{1:00 PM}
As long as I give Bina my undivided attention, she is happy. It is making for an incredibly unproductive day.
{2:00 PM}
I try again to give baby Bean a nap, and bribe Devin with the treat drawer if he will stay quiet. Which was unsuccessful if you must know.
{3:00 PM}
Car pool with new reading material that we got in the mail today.
{4:00 PM}
I needed a break, I needed real food. Paul had no idea what he was getting himself into when he said he would watch Sabrina. I took Savannah and Devin to CafĂ© Rio for Lu-nner, and we picked up a treat for Daddy for watching the grumpy baby.
{5:00 PM}
Homework. Blarg. Everyone seems to congregate around us, and Savannah is learning roman numerals. I loved the note she gave me.
{6:00 PM}
Bath time in the sink for the babies, again. We have another working tub, but it isn't awesome for giving babies baths in.
{7:00 PM}
Getting ready for bed. Playing not so quietly, but playing together. I call this a success.
{8:00 PM}
Kids are all asleep, and I don't want to move from here.


kendahl said...

I like this. Mine would be so boring. :P Bean looks so dang adorable with her two little bottom teeth sticking out, but I know it's probably not a fun time.

Sharon Johnson said...

ooooooh. I LOVE this idea!

Emily said...

Babies taking baths in sinks is my favorite thing in the world.