Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Zupas Night Out.

We were invited to attend a party to celebrate Zupas opening up in Sandy, Utah. It was lovely to actually get to take my family with me, and let them experience a little bit of the fun. :)

We are Zupas regulars, but it took us awhile to get to this point. We had a few trips that we didn't know what to order, and ended up being disappointed.  But, but, but...we finally found things that we love.
Paul always orders the Turkey Cranberry sandwich {which I like to call Thanksgiving in a sandwich}, with a bowl of Chicken Enchilada Chili. I am a fan of the chocolate dipped strawberries with a side of chocolate fondue. Bwahaha. Okay, I am only slightly kidding. I order the Chicken Chop Salad, with extra dressing...because I am healthy like that. I like the Turkey Cranberry sandwich too, and mix things up occasionally with a bowl of Wisconsin Cauliflower soup. If I could eat their bread with every meal, I would...we have been known to fight over Devin's piece if he doesn't eat it.
What is your favorite menu item? Please tell me you have tried the chocolate fondue, because it is our favorite dessert to splurge on.  Oh, and how did I forget to mention the italian sodas??  This really is the only place that I don't get a Coke, Berry Spritzer is my fav.
Disclosure: Zupas gave us free food, and a night out as a family. All opinions are mine.


Alyssa said...

i LOVE the cauliflower soup!!! mmmm, i'm thinking I need to go there for lunch ;)

Amy said...

I love their pesto chicken panini. I also like the mango berry salad and e nuts about berry salad. Don't hold me to the names, since I only eat there when we come to UT. But Zupas is a required lunch stop when we are in town. Oh my hubs had the most delicious Asian BBQ sandwich that they had on special in October when we were there. I hope that stays on the menu.

kendahl said...

Their cauliflower soup is incredible! I plan on stocking up on it for when all I can eat is soup. :)

Cathy said...

I've been several times and I order the same thing. I've never tried anything but the chicken enchilada chili and the turkey, bacon and avocado panini. Is that what it's called? Something like that. I'll never order a salad. Too many overwhelming choices and why waste eating out on a salad? And I've never taken my kids there. It's special just for me. :o)