Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Polar Express

So, here in Utah they have a train that puts on the Polar Express. It honestly has never been something I have wanted to make a tradition...although it is all the rage. Maybe in a few years when my babies are older, it will be more enticing. Who knows.

My friend Amy posted about doing the Polar Express in your own car, and I decided we could most definitely give this a whirl this year. She had so many cute ideas, but the truth is if I make it too complicated...I won't end up doing it.

Tickets to get on the Polar Express, pj's, hot cocoa, treats, a bell for each child, the sound track...you could really be creative.

I told the kids we were going on the Polar Express, I thought of printing tickets...and then never got the time to do it.
{poor Bina being manhandled by Devin.}

I told the kids to put on cute pj's. Savannah came back in some mismatched ensemble, Devin came back wearing fleece pants and a polo shirt, and Sabrina looked ready for bed. :)
{and when I rescued her, Devin was sad and wouldn't play along with the picture taking.}

I had the route we were going to take all mapped out with the perfect lights on it. Probably the only thing I actually got right.

When we loaded in to the Polar Express, our train was out of gas. We stopped, and I decided to buy treats at the gas station instead of planning ahead with hot cocoa and some homemade goodness. 

I played conductor well, and would randomly turn off the music to tell the kids {in my best conductor voice} where the train was stopping next. They found this the most entertaining. 
Our music was some random Whitney Houston CD that I found in the basement, I thought about getting the Polar Express soundtrack...well, I only had 37 cents on my iTunes account. So, I went with what we had.
We oooh'ed and aaaah'ed at all the pretty lights, and talked about how we might just have to pay someone to hang lights at our house one year. We sang loudly, and Savannah recited some of her Christmas poems she has learned at school.
We came home, and I honestly had the best feeling inside. I realize our Polar Express experience wasn't anything like it was suppose to be, but it was still fun. My kids loved it, and maybe every year I can add a little something to the experience...starting with remembering to fill the tank up with gas.  


Living the Scream said...

This sounds adorable.

Melissa Louise said...

That's the cutest idea ever. Pinning it.

Emily said...

This is a fab idea. And I especially love stopping at a gas station for treats. My kids would LOVE that!

Cathy said...

You are awesome.

kendahl said...

So cute!

Tiffany said...

That sounds awesome!!! What a great idea!!!

Rudy Rukus said...

How fun!! Love it hope you are having a Merry Christmas!!