Wednesday, December 5, 2012

i'm surviving potty training.

Last week in the middle of the flu, I got this wild hair to potty train Devin. I clearly wasn't in my right mind, but hey...
I started off at Winco in the bulk food section. I spent $10 on all the candy that boy could ever ask for. To say he loves gumballs would be an that was the biggest bag of candy we got. Devin also picked gummy worms, gummy bears, sour worms, gummy butterflies, Christmas wreaths, and on and on and on. He was so proud of his loot, and was busting at the seams to go home and get his potty on. 

He quickly caught the hang of it, and was going every 5 minutes for more gum. Smart kid.

After his first big accident which ended in throwing underwear away, I got a little discouraged...but he didn't. 

I was soon at WalMart buying more underwear, pull ups, more diapers, and hoping this was going to be my last big purchase for him in the diaper isle.

I decided to back off for a day or two, he was still randomly trying though.

All the sudden something clicked.

I was sitting in the nursery rocking Bean to sleep, and I hear him go in the bathroom. Normally I would be worried, because he likes to get in trouble in the bathroom...but I listened, and waited.  I hear the door close, the fan comes on, and then I hear the wipe container open. Mmm, I instantly get up to check on him expecting to find something disastrous. All I found was Devin just doing his business on his own.
I promised him a new Spiderman bike if he would just potty train already, but what I should have promised was Buzz Light Year undies and a star balloon...because that is what did the trick.


marci said...

Congrats! How old is he again? My 2.5 year old must not be ready. He's not even asking to sit on the potty. I hope he gets it soon.

Arianne said...

Proud mama moment that is for sure!! Congrats to devin!!

kendahl said...

Yay for potty training! Only one in diapers at a time is plenty. :)