Monday, December 3, 2012

go ahead and like it.

I usually sit down on Sunday nights and write and schedule all my posts. The only one I got to last Sunday was the one I posted Friday. I wasn't in a good mood, and this past week I took a break...and it was probably good for more than just my sanity.

I did want to mention that I started a Sell, Party of 5 Facebook page again. We have already started making plans for play dates again. We are doing the zoo lights with kids this month, and we tried to round up some ladies for the movies this past Saturday.

Go head on over there and follow along to get all the info as it happens...much easier to make plans on Facebook, IMO.

I promise to try not to bug you. ;-) 

Jerilee and I at that silly vampire movie Saturday night. There was one time we may have totally started laughing uncontrollably. I was baby free for the longest amount of time in 5 months...totally weird, and totally what I needed. Thank you Paul for holdin' down the fort.

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