Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 aka The Roller Coaster.

Who knew after I wrote my year end review for 2011 we would have the biggest shock eva. A baby, we were having a baby this year. Oh, 2012 you had us on the biggest roller coaster all year, and we can only hope 2013 is something more along the lines of the lazy river instead of a roller coaster.
We didn't go on any big vacations, unless you count multiple trips to Twin Falls, Idaho something to brag about. Oh, and that quick trip to Rexberg to see Bear World.
I can honestly say the Summer of 2012 will go down in the books for one of the most memorable for me. I have never played so hard with my kids, and that felt good.
Savannah {age 8} - Savannah decided to be baptized a member of the LDS church, and now is really good at pointing out when her parents are being sinners. She has advanced to a high blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, and hated most of the journey getting there. She is excellent at making Devin mad, and blaming him for everything...I guess what an oldest sibling is good for. :)
Savannah wants a singing career, a dancing career, and could spend hours doing both. She joined Girl Scouts this year, and it took her a few meetings before she realized they didn't just sell cookies.
Devin {age almost 3} - Well, Devi's biggest moment was potty training, I definitely was more excited for this event than he was, I am sure. We started this year wondering when he would ever really learn to talk, and we finished it wishing he would give us a moment of silence every once in awhile. He definitely perfected the art of pitching the biggest tantrums, and we are hoping those are going to start getting far and few between.
Devin is the child that is proud when he eats a booger, likes being the center of attention, and jumping from high places. If you wonder if there is ever a dull moment in our house, I will tell you, there is not.
Sabrina {age 6 months} - Of course it was a pretty big year for our baby, how do you top being born!? She showed us how strong she was by enduring, and then even decided being in utero wasn't so bad...and showed up a week after her due date.
Sabrina has learned to hold her head up, roll over, eat, smile, put up with her siblings, did I mention eat already? She has delicious thighs, gorgeous eyes, and is really good at getting what she wants.
Paul {age 34} - I think this year was probably in the top 5 most stressful years for Paul. He was working 7 days a week for most of my pregnancy, had a wife that had to quit working to keep a baby from coming early, bought a car, had lots of business opportunities, made a new friend {hi, Steve!}, been in 4 car accidents, and somehow managed to come out of 2012 okay.
He still is a movie junkie, bakery addict, and lover of sports. The San Fransisco Giants pulled out another World Series win, and he is still ridin' high from it. We are still holding out hope that the San Fransisco Niners decide to win the Super Bowl, because wouldn't that be amazing?!
Evonne {age 31} - Hey, I grew a baby this year. I didn't start exercising like I hoped, maybe 2013 will be the year...or not...making no promises. In those first few weeks of having 3 kids, I wondered if I would make it. Guess who made it? This girl did.
After 15 years of working, I finally got my wish of being a stay at home Mommy granted. Boy has it been a change for me. Everyday is a new adventure, a different challenge, and sometimes I wonder if I am going insane. I tried to be Wonder Woman, and when I fell short...I settled on just being me. It has worked out much better.
{Don't you love Devin's face, he clearly didn't get a good nap this day!}
It is amazing that a year can hold so many miracles and happiness for us, and yet be one of the hardest that we have lived through. With all the stress, it really has only made us a stronger family unit...and for that I can say I am thankful.
We came into 2012 a family of 4, wondering if everything was really going to work out...and we came out a family of 5. This year wasn't perfect, but we somehow managed to work out all the kinks.

I love a new year, like I love Mondays. A fresh start, a clean slate. We have plans for this new year, I am sure some will work out and some won't.

Thanks for being around these parts for another year. We love the support and friendships that we have.

Happy 2013!!

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kendahl said...

This was perfect. Made me want to do a yearly wrap-up. We'll see if that really happens.

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

Love the year end review. Your family is so cute and I love reading your blog. :)

Rudy Rukus said...

You made me cry a little!! And now you just have one huge job instead of one huge job and another outside the home?? I feel ya sister! Come work out with me!!! 2013 is the year that we will hang out instead of just running into each other randomly at Target and church!!!

Vanessa Brown said...

I want to hear Devin talking away!
And that picture of him on your bed after you gave birth is PERFECT.
What are paul's best spots for bakeries and what items?
I want to hear more about girl scouts too!!
Wish I could see Bini I bit more before I left, but I was busy having my own baby ;)

Nicole said...

Awesome post!!! I loved the part about not trying to be Wonder Woman. You are exactly who your children and husband need.

Emily said...

Love this recap. My fave was when you decided to be you and not Wonder Woman. Welcome to my world. ;)

Your kids are fantastic. Love them all. And you.